About Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Extra Virgin Coconut Oil or EVCO is cold press extracted from coconut milk made from fresh coconut meat, and without using heat. It differs from regular coconut oil on several factors such as raw material, the process of extraction, and the amount of nutrients in it. EVCO contains a high amount of lauric acid, a type of medium-chain fatty acid (MCFA), also found in mother’smilk. Apart from fatty acids, EVCO also has minerals, vitamins, and phytosterol and polyphenol antioxidants in it. Coconut Oil vs Extra Virgin Coconut Oil You can think...
  • Turmeric: About, Benefits, Uses, Dosage and Recommendations

    Turmeric: About, Benefits, Uses, Dosage and Recommendations
    About Turmeric Turmeric (Haldi, in Hindi) is a superfood that has been trusted traditionally, and is also much researched and validated for its antioxidant-rich therapeutic goodness in modern times. Turmeric or haldi is also an oft used spice common in kitchens of South Asia.Brilliant yellow in colour due to an antioxidant group called curcuminoids in it, it gives curries its signature yellow hue.The turmeric plant is botanically called Curcuma longa, and it belongs to the ginger family or Zingiberaceae. The bulbous rhizome of this plant is used raw as well as in dried and powdered form....
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