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WOW Skin Science Frizz Defy Luster Shampoo is a high-end anti-frizz shampoo totally free of sulphates, parabens, and silicones.

WOW Skin Science Frizz Defy Luster Shampoo – Helps Tame Flyaways, Checks Frizz

✅  It contains concentrated Soybean Biolipids along with Argan Oil, Almond Oil, and Soybean Oil to provide natural biolipid care to hair that tends to get frizzy due to humidity, lack of moisture or static.

✅  Soybeans biolipids surround individual hair strands from root to tip, creating a smooth sheath all around that reduces frizz and flyaways without weighing down the tresses.

✅  Humid climate or dry days, your hair looks and feels bouncy, glossy, and frizz-free.

Formulated to reduce frizz and flyaways:

✅  Premium shampoo powered with concentrated Soybean Biolipids, Argan Oil, Almond Oil,and Soybean Oil.

✅  Helps tame frizz and flyaways, even on humid or dry days.

✅  Keeps the hair looking and feeling bouncy, glossy, and smooth.

✅  Contains no harmful sulphate, parabens or silicone.

Key Ingredients

Soybean Bio-lipids – Surround hair in a protective and smooth sheath for reducing frizz and flyaways.

Argan Oil – Reduces split ends, keeps frizz in check, conditions the hair.

Almond Oil – Seals in moisture, checks hair breakage and split ends.

Soybean Oil – Moisturizes and hydrates, adds body and smoothness to hair.

How to use WOW Skin Science Frizz Defy Luster Shampoo

Wet hair thoroughly with warm water to open the cuticles gently. Apply a generous amount of shampoo as per the length and volume of your hair. Gently massage all over the scalp and along tresses gently with fingertips (not nails) for 2-3 minutes. Wash with plenty of plain water. Once all the shampoo is washed off thoroughly, follow with a cold-water rinse for extra cuticle smoothening and a stronger frizz control. Let the hair air dry naturally.


What is frizz?

Frizzy hairis a result of insufficient moisture in the hair. Dryness makes the hair porous and when it tries to absorb moisture from the humidity in air, the hair shaft swells and rises up haphazardly giving rise to a rough flyaway appearance to hair that’s called frizz.

Why does frizz become worse in humid weather?

When your hair does not have enough moisture, it tries to get it from the humidity in the air and rises up to suck moisture from air. This is why frizz gets worse in humid weather.

What causes frizz?

Frizz usually occurs when hair strandslose moisture and dry from the inside out. The dryness can be due to many factors – excessive shampooing (more than twice a week), washing the hair with hot water, use of chemical and heat treatments, using shampoos with harmful sulphates, and undernourished hair. Genetics is also one of the reasons that causes frizz.

What are concentrated soybean biolipids? How do these control frizz?

Soybean biolipids are natural compounds present in cold pressed soybean oil. When isolated and concentrated, these are highly nourishing for the skin and hair. Soybean biolipids present in this shampoo are similar to human hair fibers. Gently curative, these biolipids surround individual hair strands from root to tip, creating a smooth sheath all around to minimize frizz and flyaways without weighing down your tresses. Humid climate or dry days, your hair looks and feels bouncy, glossy and frizz-free.

What can I do to reduce frizz and improve my hair?

Washing hair too often strips the hair of natural oils that worsens frizz. So shampoo only when required.Blot and press wet hair with super-absorbent microfiber towels.Finger comb your still damp hair with wet fingers.Avoid heat-styling. If you must blow dry, do apply WOW Skin Science 10-in-1 Miracle Hair Revitalizer first and then use an ionic hair dryer. Also, treat your hair to conditioning with WOW Skin Science Hair Conditioner, and/or a pre-shampoo warm oil massage with WOW Skin Science 10-in-1 Miracle Hair Oil as often as you can. Use silk /satin pillowcases and wear silk scarves to minimize static and maximize moisture.

Does this shampoo work on for all hair and scalp types?

Yes, this shampoo is suitable for all hair and scalptypes.

Does this shampoo contain any chemicals that can harm my skin?

No, this cleanser is totally free of harmful sulphates, parabensand silicones to ensure your skin stays unharmed.

Caution: When using this product, avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse the eyesthoroughly with water.

Note: The actual results may vary from user to user due to differences in hair texture. Also, results do not come overnight. One has to follow a committed regimen of hair care and regular usage as advised to get visible results.

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